Prices are for each major version (v1.0, v2.0, v3.0, etc.). Free upgrades are provided for minor versions (v1.1,v1.46, etc.)

Obtain Key Developers Licenses Price Comments
Contact us 1 (Single) 1 FREE Small businesses with 1 developer, students, and learning institutions may use X Library free of charge.

Companies with more than 1 developer may use a free key for 14 days while evaluating the X Library. After 14 days a key must be purchased.
Contact us 2-5 5 $129.95 Up to five developers.
Contact us 6-10 10 $219.95 Up to ten developers.
Contact us 11-25 25 $499.95 Up to twenty-five developers.
Contact us Site License 1 Site $999.95 A site license covers all developers in ONE building.
Contact us Company License Company Wide $2499.95 A company license covers the entire company at an unlimited number of locations.
Contact us Company License With Source Code Company Wide $4999.95 A company license with source code covers the entire company at an unlimited number of locations. Source code for the X Library is included and may be modified for your own purposes but not sold.

If you have questions about the X Library or the prices listed above please contact us or write to:

Infused Logic
P.O. Box 94593
Phoenix, Arizona 85070
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