XString contains more than 620 member functions for ultimate string control. Since strings are used in practically every program XString will greatly increase your code productivity and lower the cost associated with programming projects.


The X Library is a programming library made to greatly simplify the development process. X Library requires Windows and Visual Studio .NET. In this current release unmanaged C++ must be used but any .NET language will be able to be utilized in the next release. Every effort has been made to ensure that the library is extremely easy to use, provides exceptional performance, and is suitable for use in any application including games. The X Library has gone through rigorous tests, code reviews, and regression tests to ensure that the code will operate without problems.

Complete documentation for the X Library can be found under the documentation section on the navigation bar above.

The X Library has been created and is maintained by Infused Logic. The library has been provided AS IS. If any problems or suspected problems are found please contact us.

Getting Started

To get started using the X Library follow the four simple steps below.

1. Review the Terms of Use Policy.

2. View what licensing requirements your organization requires and obtain a download key. Single developer licenses are currently FREE but a license key is still required.

3. Download the X Library once you have obtained a download key.

4. Create a program, add xlibrary.lib, wininet.lib, and Rpcrt4.lib to your project. Then call the XLibrary::Init() member function with your X Library registration key.

5. View our database of code samples to copy and paste code into your own projects.

6. View the documentation for information on each class and a complete member function reference guide.

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