Core is a library of base level core objects used to simplify the development process. These objects provide functionality for database access, email, graphics manipulation, network, and file system IO operations developed using C#. To see some of the ways Core can work for you please visit our samples page.


  • BB.Core
    • CDynamicCode
    • CExceptions
    • CLog
    • CSerializer
    • CSettings
    • CSourceInfo
    • CString
    • CSystem
  • BB.Crypto
    • CAsymmetric
    • CConvert
    • CHash
    • CSignature
    • CSymmetric
  • BB.Data
    • CDatabase
    • CResultSet
  • BB.Graphics
    • CColor
    • CImageOps
    • CImageQuantizer
    • CQuantizer
  • BB.IO
    • CDirectory
    • CFile
  • BB.Utilities
    • CDataUnitConverter
    • CTimeOps
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